AIM started as a community service project by a passionate family who wanted to give back, proving that community members who are ready to serve can truly make a difference. AIM is here and thriving because of the support of so many passionate volunteers.

We AIM to create a movement for youth mental health so that our children have a chance to live a happy, healthy, productive life. And we cannot do it without your help.

Whatever your capabilities, interests or schedule may be, there’s a volunteer opportunity right for you.


Are you interested in joining a Planning Committee? We’re looking for dedicated volunteers to help us with event planning, marketing, logistics, and other positions to ensure successful events! We will provide all the tools and resources to make this a meaningful and impactful experience for you.

Duration: 3-5 months
Weekly Commitment: 5-10 hours per week
Work environment: Work remotely

Rally & Ad Contest Committee

  • The Logistics Chair will secure in-kind food and drink donations for the Rally. Additionally, they will recruit, cultivate, and manage volunteers.
  • The Recruitment Chair will recruit schools and community members to attend the Rally.
  • The PR/Marketing Chair will coordinate advertising for the Rally. Advertisement includes print articles, social media campaigns, and PSAs.
  • The Exhibitor Chair will secure exhibitors for the Rally. Exhibitors include local mental health resources and services.
  • The Performer Chair will find and invite local youth performers to the Rally.
  • The AIM Liaison will be the liaison between AIM and the schools. Duties include being in contact with the school point person and collecting artworks.

Gala Committee (Gala committee members must be ages 25+)

  • The Logistics Chair will recruit, cultivate, and manage volunteers. Additionally, they will oversee table decorations and day-of signage.
  • The Auction Chair will help secure high-end items and packages for our live auction.
  • The Guest Management Chair will help with table and ticket sales.
  • The PR/Marketing Chair will coordinate advertising for the Gala. Advertisement includes print articles, social media campaigns, PSAs, and flyers.


Raising awareness around youth mental health is a big part of our work. We believe peer to peer conversations make the deepest impact. We are looking for students interested in getting the word out about youth mental health.

Duration: one school year
Commitment: 5-10 hours per month

Community Service hours provided

  • Make presentations about AIM in your school; man tables at events
  • Help get the word out about local events to student body
  • Gather student testimonials regarding youth mental health
  • Form a mental health club and promote positive mental health, such as mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, anti-bullying, etc., coordinate inspirational speakers


Do you have experience with below items and would like to help us?

  • Salesforce
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • PSAs/Videography
  • Journalism
    (Select all that apply)