Our Mission

We AIM to build a movement devoted to the mental health of children, teens, and young adults by funding clinical research to find better treatments and cures, raising awareness, and improving access to effective treatments.

Our Vision

We AIM to ultimately eliminate mental health disorders in youth.

What We Do

  • We are building a movement with a positive, forward-thinking focus.
  • We are raising awareness by simply talking about youth mental health.
  • We are funding clinical research that can help kids now, not years in the future.
  • We intend to improve access to effective treatments by funding clinical trials.

AIM for Mental Health distinguishes itself from other organizations by its work building a movement to fund clinical research to find solutions for mental health disorders* in youth. AIM wants everyone to get involved and stand up for its campaign, not just those directly affected by youth mental health.

AIM is not disorder or institution specific, which means that we fund research for all mental disorders in youth and fund the best cutting-edge research regardless of where the research is being done.

Our purpose touches lives in a very personal way, and gives hope to children and families facing the challenges that mental health disorders bring.

*These disorders include, but are not limited to, ADHD, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, schizophrenia, tourette syndrome and autism spectrum disorders. We also address the bi-products of some of these brain disorders including eating disorders, addiction and suicide.

History of AIM


Inaugural AIM for Awareness Walk & Rally

AIM for Awareness Walk & Rally inaugural community walk draws over 300 people to Pacific Grove, California to support youth mental health.

Inaugural AIM for the Cures Gala

AIM for the Cures inaugural fundraising gala raises over $300,000 for research.

AIM Youth Mental Health is Formed

In June 2014, Susan Stilwell and her children formed AIM for Mental Health, based on the Monterey Peninsula in California. AIM became a charitable campaign under the fiscal sponsorship of the International Mental Health Research Organization, now called One Mind Institute, until receiving its own nonprofit status.

AIM Disbursement to UCLA

AIM disburses $180,000 to the UCLA Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.


First Rising Star Award

AIM funds a $250,000 Rising Star Award to Dr. Katie McLaughlin, from the University of Washington, to study teen anxiety and depression.

2nd Annual AIM for the Cures Gala

Second annual AIM for the Cures fundraising gala raises over $660,000 for research.

2nd Annual AIM for Awareness Walk & Rally

Second annual AIM for Awareness Walk & Rally in Pacific Grove.


3rd Annual AIM for the Cures Gala

Third annual AIM for the Cures fundraising gala raises $400,000 for research.

2nd Rising Star Award

AIM funds a $250,000 Rising Star Award to Dr. Kate Fitzgerald, from the University of Michigan, to study anxiety in preschool/kindergarten age children.

3rd Annual AIM for Awareness Walk & Rally

Third annual AIM for Awareness Walk & Rally draws over 400 supporters of youth mental health and James Durbin of American Idol fame performs.

AIM Receives Non-Profit Status

AIM for Mental Health becomes a 501(c)(3) corporation with federal nonprofit status.


Inaugural AIM for Awareness Rally at USC

Inaugural AIM for Awareness University Rally at University of Southern California (USC) draws over 500 people to support youth mental health.

AIM Scientific Advisory Board Established

AIM announces its inaugural Scientific Advisory Board comprised of 11 prominent doctors/researchers in youth mental health.

Moving Forward

AIM for Mental Health has created a community model that can be replicated in cities, big or small, consisting of an annual fundraising event and a community-based sporting event to raise awareness. Through outreach, AIM is working to have a significant presence in other communities in California and beyond.

1 in 5 of Today’s Youth have, or will have a serious mental illness

We AIM to stop the silence around youth mental health by raising awareness and funding groundbreaking research, so we can begin to find real solutions for the youth of today.

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